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The Singapore Armed Forces' largest wargames in the calendar year, Exercise Wallaby, returns to the Shoalwater Bay military training area in central Queensland, Australia from 30 September to 3 December 2013. Involving more than 5,000 personnel and 300 platforms this year, the annually held brigade-level exercise serves to practise and demonstrate the maneuvering of Armour and Infantry forces, and their ability to call on close air support from the Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF). Jet Thrust Aviation Images was present at Rockhampton to observe the aviation element of the exercise which staged out of the city's airport.
F-16C serial 611 returns from the Shoalwater Bay military training area on an exercise sortie. It is adorned with special markings from Exercise Top Ace, a biennial competition pitting the RSAF squadrF-16D 639 is seen with rather worn-out 140 'Osprey' Squadron markings. The F-16s return to Rockhampton once again for Ex. Wallaby after a 3-year absence.Two of RSAF's big-spined F-16D Fighting Falcons, with callsigns 'Wido' and 'Banh' assigned, launches from Rockhampton Airport. Three of the six F-16s deployed were noted carrying Sniper Advanced TargeF-16C serial 613 is about to touch down on Rockhampton's Runway 15 in the low evening sun. Although 143 'Phoenix' Squadron mounted the F-16 deployment, this was the only aircraft in the squadron's marA motion blur shot of F-16D serial 625 a split second away from hitting terra firma after having clocked an hour's worth of flight time. 625 was one of the RSAF's first batch of 18 F-16C/Ds ordered inAn RSAF F-16D departs for a mission at dusk on full military power. The pilot and wisso are equipped with night vision goggles.Arrestor cables, set up and manned by the Royal Australian Air Force's cable party, are strung across the end of the runway during RSAF F-16 operations at the airport. The cables would help ease the sLineup of RSAF AH-64D Apaches and AS332M/M1 Super Pumas at Rockhampton Airport prior to the start of the day's flight operations.The lead aircraft of a twin AH-64D Apache formation is equipped with a distinctive mast mounted Longbow Fire Control Radar which assists in detecting, classifying and prioritising of ground targets. T120 'Redhawks' Squadron deployed 5 AH-64D Apache attack helicopters to Rockhampton for Exercise Wallaby 2013. All were freighted from Singapore on a massive Antonov An-124.Being the first RSAF AH-64D Apache to arrive in Singapore in early 2006, 061 has been given a special marking on its forward fuselage to denote this.Two CH-47SD Chinook tandem rotor heavy-lift helicopters from 127 'Stallions' Squadron are utilised in support of combat and logistical operations at Exercise Wallaby 2013.CH-47SD Chinook 88195 taxis past its sister ship 88196 after arriving from the Shoalwater Bay military training area with the callsign 'Cyclops'.AS332M Super Puma 220 is being readied for a flight to the Shoalwater Bay training area. Also in view are other RSAF aviation assets parked on the tarmac; Rockhampton Airport is beginning to resembleRSAF AS332M/M1 Super Pumas fulfill troop and equipment transport duties at Exercise Wallaby 2013. Five of these have been flown out from Oakey, Queensland where RSAF maintains a Super Puma training deUtilising the callsign 'Condor', RSAF C-130H Hercules 735 recovers to Rockhampton Airport after an airlift mission to Shoalwater Bay's Williamson Airfield.The RSAF dedicated a single C-130H Hercules for airlift and resupply missions during the exercise.A belly view of C-130H Hercules 735 as she performs circuits around the airport.

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