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Jet Thrust Aviation Images showcases Roy Choo's photography work in aviation. With a focus on military, and to a lesser extend, commercial aviation in the Asia-Pacific region, the site is dedicated to promote a better understanding of the field through quality, professional imagery.

Roy Choo

Roy Choo is an aviation /
defence journalist and photographer. His interests are focused on the application of air power to shape and control the modern battlefield. In recent years, his reporting has led him to diverse opportunities, including flying over the busy Singapore Strait on a Singapore air force Chinook, observing fast jets at an airbase in the Japanese countryside and being embedded in an U.S. Marine Corps helicopter assault in the Australian outback. Roy's working background in the airline industry has also resulted in him dabbling occasionally in the commercial aviation scene.

Roy's work has been produced in a variety of international publications such as Australian Defence Magazine, Airforces Monthly, Combat Aircraft Monthly and Airliner World (see Published Portfolio page for full details).

A Singaporean by birth, he is currently based in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. When not looking through the viewfinder, he enjoys hitting the gym and participating in marathons.


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