VIDEO: Chinese J-15 operations on carrier Liaoning

January 01, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

A video has emerged of Chinese Navy's Shenyang J-15 Flying Shark operations onboard its sole aircraft carrier, the Liaoning (CV-16), during a visit by the Navy Chief Admiral Wu Shengli while undergoing exercises in the Bohai Sea. The clip underscores the country's progress in operationalising its carrier capability amidst regional maritime tension, and comes as confirmation that it is building its first indigenous carrier. 

The footage includes flight-deck, as well as launch and recovery operations of J-15s, at least one of which was configured with an air-to-air load of PL-8 and PL-12 missiles. The J-15 is also able to carry a variety of Chinese air-to-surface weapons, including the C-802 and C-803 anti-ship missiles and YJ-91 anti-radiation missiles.

It is rumoured that an improved J-15, unofficially dubbed the J-15B, is in development for future deployment onboard the new carriers. In-line with the development of enhanced variants of the J-11 family of 'Chinese Flankers', the J-15B should feature a more advanced airframe, improved avionics along with an active electronically scanned array radar, and the ability to carry the latest weaponry of the Chinese military arsenal.


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